Haus of Tantra

​Learn to harness universal energy through your body to enhance how you think-how you feel-how you live-how you love Achieving personal growth through sensitive nurturing, and pleasurable sensual touch experiences. 
The human touch is as healing as any medication when informed with love, art, and respect.  

Each body is a universe: Merging with "oneness" -using the physical plane as a launch pad 

Venture into the dark so that you may awaken to Illumination, Insight, and Wholeness.
Taking you to the depths of your being for pleasure, for integration, for joy. 

 Transform Sensual Energy into a Truly Spiritual Experience 

Gift yourself with the experience of awakening!

​Pleasure Awaits your company!

We touch Heaven when we lay our Hands on the Human Body​​​​​​​​.

There is one "Temple" in the Universe; Human Body. Nothing is Holier than that High form.

As above so below  ​​ 

  • May You Walk In Sunshine3:58

 A.) River Nile B.) Lotus Flower C.) Shell D.) Naga Hindu Deity E.) Physio-Kundalini F.) Earths reticulating +/- force lines G.) Caduceus F.) DNA 


There are two main obstacles in releasing *Kundalini Energy*

 #1 -

Neurosis: a mental layering of attitudes: toward sexuality and/or associations, followed by mental symbols we hold between ourselves and the sensual/intimate experience (i.e hollywood fantasy, materialism, social/media stigmas, cultural/religious repression)

#2 - 

Body memory: of past trauma/abuse/mental conditioning, and the resulting hypersensitivity (body armoring) or lost sensitivity(numbness) all stemming from the physical manifestation of stress neurologically, physically, and other.

​Tantra path- is the perception of the oneness, and the perfection of all things.

Not just the perception of  light, but the perception of darkness seeing "God" Grand ordered design in both beauty and horror.  


Creation involves an intercourse between potential and energy.  DNA "activation" is referred to as the "activation of 64 codons".  

One of the major fallacies the world holds is about the misinterpretation of human genitals as tools of lust and reproduction.

These are tools of harnessing the energy up the spinal cord through the hole along the 24 vertebrae. Each of the 64 sex positions aligns the human body to harness the "subtle-forces" into the gross body. The posture - the rhythm and the yin/yang knitting/weaving "tantra". The ultra atoms, superatoms, and atoms come together by these postures making the participating companions to align with the 64 grid plenum of cosmic forces that make them become the cosmic being and experience bliss of their existence within the gross body. Total fucking mind blow..right.!? 

The late great Hollywood actor Robin Williams always wanted to do all 64 positions.

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

The Human Body is a TEMPLE of profound divine energy with beautiful templates of mathematical and geometrical construction. Apart from the tantric acts of raising kundalini, coiling energy, or DNA 64 grid plenum to the super consciousness of the subtle/causal body, as per the original design of the HUMAN BEING- Beings have certain instincts that are immutable, and the aim of any thinking human being-IS to arrive at the "whole truth"  to understand the "totality" world phenomena; beyond society's contrary demand for conformity and instinctual repression, beyond myths & fairy tales, beyond metaphysical speculations, and other scientific assumptions.........Use Tantra as a guide in your search for liberation.

Tantra is not about sex. It it's about taking the lust out of sexual energy, and transforming it into love.

It is not about physical lovemaking it's about making love to life in every moment, and all situations. 

It is about seeing the Beloved in the eyes of everyone, and being in love. 

Recognizing the radical change in the ground rules that govern reality

We must stabilize the ground floor so that we may build up.

The call of the higher purpose of Divine intent calls for radical change in the ground rules that govern physical reality. And in order that ALL life might partake of the opportunity to taste their innate divinity and ultimately, to unite in Oneness, it is necessary that certain conditions be altered so that the energies of stagnation might be transcended by those who are ready to be free. 

Resistance to the changes that are transpiring within you will necessitate prolonged repetitions of categories of experience that, essentially, you have out grown. As long as you cling to the idea of the way  "life is suppose to be" your life circumstances will continue to reflect a perspective beyond your control. As you reach a saturation point with the experience of disappointment and suffering, you will have set the stage for the shift in consciousness that can begin to create life anew. For, unbeknownst to you, the life you believe yourself to be living is an assimilated parallel and augmented level of your reality which far too predictable and now must be deleted from the program. Ultimately, when all the mentalized devices for sustaining the illusion of separation have been disarmed-you surrender the fight. When at last there is nothing left to lose, you are ready. When you simply to do not know where to turn-that you turn within, 

The Journey Begins 

With a boost from the accelerating vibration of the world, in increments, you will begin to experience a taste of the great magnitude of the real power that is your true essence. By virtue of the fact you are reading these words and considering these concepts, you have surely emerged from a history of labyrinth logic, and have reached a place where you're ready to strip yourself of everything that supported monumental pieces of fiction you masterminded and called reality.  You're transcending the conditions that kept you blind and can see the "vantage point" that has always been within you. Now rely on your inner truth-and less on the road maps of a bygone world-to guide you through the unchartered territory before you. Shift unto a path of least resistance where you will be able to flow with momentum that unites ALL of creation. Congratulations, for you have the opportunity to emerge in awareness at a place where many worlds intersect.

Your perceptions, and the choices they prompt you to make, will help to determine just how rocky the climb ahead will be.