Haus of Tantra

Approach our meeting with reverence, openness, and free of expectations! 
Inviting pleasure to flow throughout your body is an interesting challenge, 




Serving all who choose to delve into unknown territory, and explore the energy within Tantra. 
Respect, Trust, Privacy & Security are of highest regard; all services are offered in professional locations. 

In a safe, clean, peaceful & sacred atmosphere 

maintained at all times for your Relaxation, Release, and Revelations. 

Heated table, hot oil, hot towels, disposable linens, warm bath, candles, ice 

high quality natural products Always  procure a feeling of unbelievable comfort. 

How can I possibly put a new idea into your heads if I do not first remove your delusions? 


               Tantric Etiquette & Sexual Responsibility

 Tantric relationships will share intimacy, commitment & invoke the power of YOUR sexual essence; 

To preserve the happiness of self, affiliates, investors, and others;  Clear boundaries & mutual respect ensure there are no misunderstandings before, during, or after our time together *Outcall*Domestic & International services*

Please clearly introduce/express yourself; no need to make up fictitious names If you're not ready to comes as yourself then you're simply not ready. There will be no rush on your part or mine.  Services are provided to clientele over the age of 21 who respect themselves. Haus of Tantra openly connects with men, women, transgender, and couples (mono/poly) who are genuinely curious about the power of energy; whom are willing to be committed to an authentic genuine experience naturally letting the journey unfold. Connection, relaxation, and the opening of your senses can not be rushed. It takes time to connect, and may also take time in scheduling an appointment if you don't thoroughly review our HAUS etiquette and practice policies. 

Please arrive on time neither early or late. Being mindful of each others time boundaries is the beginning of a healthy relationship. Please be smoke free. 

Please remove your shoes upon entering, hang your jacket or belongings in the closet, and proceed to wash your hands with soap.  Cleanliness is next to godliness. Please do your part in keeping germs away. Please also be mindful to reserve greetings/farewells for inside my sanctuary. Enter and exit quietly.  

Paying for services in advance is your consent. Before proceeding into the treatment room you will clarify desired treatments and make payment.  If this is an out-call have the *payment* for services ready at the beginning of the session if you have not already paid for services in advance.

Define tribute: a stated sum or other valuable consideration paid by one sovereign to another in acknowledgment of subjugation or as the price of peace, security, protection, or the like.

Once in treatment room our time together begins; you will have the opportunity to discuss a variety of possible outcomes with regard to your sensual/spiritual expression per the session you choose and/or you will be silently led into your highest needs.  Please bring specific interests, questions, or concerns to my attention via e-mail before our scheduled session not during so I can best serve you. (*traditional massage and tantric body work sessions are best rendered nude however, draping is always offered/provided to every BODY to ensure your ultimate comfort and safety through your journey.) 


​It is understand the urge to touch may arise quite naturally, however the focus of the treatments is on receiving rather than giving. You cannot give away what you have yet to learn how to experience in your own body. Touching brings your energy outside of yourself instead of keeping it within. You may find that if you allow yourself to drop deeper beyond the normal desires of mutual touching with no requirement to perform or please another person you discover a more profound place within yourself where you can really let  nurturing touch into the core of your being. Therefore, touching your tantrika is by invitation only.  As your Tantrika; your sensuality & spiritual guide, and confidant all time shared is on a professional compensated basis with the objective of filling you well, promoting self-awareness, an understanding of your mind, body & soul alignment, and sexual energy beyond sexual acts to achieve higher consciousness. It's also understood the desire to admire the beauty of the feminine form, but you're encouraged to maintain your focus on your internal experience of the touch on your body.  If you feel a desire to make eye contact  - just be aware that it's taking you deeper into the experience.

By contacting me you agree & understand the details of our time together private & confidential (both ways) and never shared or expected to be shared even with your partner unless they are present for the session (couples session) only. Referrals are acceptable and appreciated please keep in mind discretion when discussing your session as everyone's experience is different. Please feel free to write a review via on-line booking agent or known reputable search engines (google+, yahoo, bing, etc. ). Writing reviews on sex entertainment or industry forms are not appropriate. Kindly keep the details to a classy minimum as I'm sure you wouldn't want me hanging your intimate details out to dry.  Thanks for your respect.  Ref#10869
Our time together is sacred. If for any reason I am unable to provide in your best interest this will be clearly communicated, and a referral can/may be provided. YOU are in total control of your therapies and treatment if for any reason at anytime you need to make a change please let me know immediately. Also keep in mind the therapy table is not a place to make small talk. Adequate time is provided before and after sessions. I also reserve the right to end a session without reimbursing for lost time if I am treated with disrespect or have to reinforce my boundaries. I will not see you impaired under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Their will be “homework”! It's important the two of us share the commitment to YOUR journey. You may think of your sexuality as a compartment; an area of your life, but It's the source!
There is a realm of time where the goal is not to have but to be, not to own but to give, not to control but to share, not to subdue but to be in accord. Life goes wrong when the control of space, the acquisition of things of space, becomes our sole concern. TIME is of the essence darlings let us grow solid in our relations by respecting each others time boundaries and making considerations toward schedules. Please no last minute un-mediated appointments., and kindly refrain from making any appointment with-in a week of flu like symptoms.  Although this business deals with love and sensuality it is no less a business and an excess of missed/rescheduled appointments will limit future availability to you :) 
Just because you "want"  doesn't mean it's best for you. Haus of Tantra and associates reserve the right to employ professional discretion to turn down services for any reason any time for and in the best interest of your health & safety. There will be no same day, last minute rushed un-meditated services. I get it- I understand, it's not for everyone, Ultimately we find what we seek :) and we can only hope everyone finds it safely and merrily :) Namaskar! 


     Tanta is not about :C@ck, a$$, (.)(.)tits and butth@le pleasures.  It's not about this rusty trombone, dirty Sanchez, or the Cincinnati bowtie. It's not about Tokyo Sandblaster, Japanese Rain Goggles, or  Muff Cabbage. It's also not about the Danza Slap, or the Pearl Necklace, Donkey Punch or the Lucky Pierre.  Its not about the Mars Bar Party, Tea Bagging or a Tossed or Godzilla Salad.  It's not about Scissor Fights, Fletch, or Angry Dragons, Albanian Hot Pocket, Shocker, Stinger, Great Gonzo, Houdini, Angry Pirate, Breaded Cutlet, Bulldozer, Angry Dolphin, Filthy Foo Man Chu, Roman Helmet, Harvest Moon, Petaluma Poontangi, or the Donald Trump...

                        It's about Love, It's about People, It's about connection Love is always enough. 

If indeed you must be candid, be candid beautifully!~K. Gibran

Aware of the suffering caused by sexual misconduct Haus of Tantra cultivates sexual responsibility, education, and sexual evolution. 

Protecting the safety & integrity of individuals, couples, families, and society.  Our intention is to remove the shame and dirtiness associated with the sexual  part of our beings, and re-integrate you to a daily practice of connection to sexual energy, and your body through these ancient tantric practices. When you invest in your sexual health & wellness you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re also helping others.  


Truly qualified tantric practitioners wish to follow the speediest path to enlightenment, 
Not with the desire to gain quick liberation,  but because they have unbearable compassion for others.
 Realizing the longer it takes one to achieve enlightenment, the longer everyone who needs help will have to wait.The lightning vehicle of tantra is therefore intended for those who wish to help  as much as possible, as quickly as possible.



Light cool air flowing around your exposed body
Warm oil to your thirsty skin
Let go under the warmth of love
Feel the friction and luxurious glides
Blissful caressing coaxes out knots
Toes, Feet, Ankles, Knees, Hips, Back, 
Shoulders, Neck, Wrists, Hands, Fingers
Personal, Unique & soothing
sending you into oblivion
Transient cocoon of bliss

Value is more expensive then price! 

TANTRIC ARTS are extremely valuable, valid, and necessary.  
The lack of humanity, compassion, touch, and Respect for sensuality is abundant...
Which is why it is imperative you pay me a visit!


These days man knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

All wish to possess knowledge, but few, comparatively speaking, are willing to pay the price.
Given to you in our Haus; the greatest most rare treasure. That which inspires us- highest human value- LOVE
In any exchange there's a balance to be respected. It's a strange, but verifiable phenomenon that an unbalanced transaction places a psychological stress on the heavy receiver; the greater taker holds a debt of karma to be repaid to all things equal. It's hard for someone to balance this working with sacred sexuality; to feel an evenness of exchange when all you can give in return is money. Their is no way around this balance must be attempted. 

Although, you can't give a tantrika something which equates to what she enables in you-

it's a fact however,  YOU CAN shine the LOVE, and repay to the universe your highest vibrations


The essence of tantra is dealing skillfully with pleasure. 
The person who qualifies for tantra is someone who can cope with pleasure:
 someone for whom dealing with pleasure becomes a conducive situation for achieving liberation. 

If a person only knows how to be miserable then tantra will not work for him or her.

Like a nuclear reactor without any fuel, such a person will have no resource to utilize for the

necessary transformations ~Lama Yeshe~

 High Caliber Transformational

 Tantric BodyWork 

Tantra is Ineffable; Get in touch, and let bliss begin
You will be masterfully led into your true essence