The word "sex" is always suspect; 
With celebrities, former/current U.S. presidents', and numerous sports stars in the news continually wrapped in some undertone perverted picture of sex, it's vitally important to explore the depth of this misunderstood phenomenon from a new perspective...A spiritual one.  

The Holy Science of our Kundalini Awakening
We came into this body through the act of procreation...better known as sex.
 Unless by means of immaculate conception or you were artificially inseminated you wouldn't be here unless a man and woman had sex-ual intercourse. 

More often than not they had sex because it gave them animal pleasure triggered by a deep spiritual pursuit. While we are in a body this animal pleasure underpins much of our lives. It matters not if you are a nun, monk, or prostitute. Whether you deny it or not sexual energy runs much of your existence!?! Unfortunately, most of us are never aware or have lost that special ingredient of this physicality that moves us beyond mere physical pleasure to a deeper, and more satisfying wholeness.

 Your soul wants experience. It wants the world. You're a human – and you're eternal.
 The two are the same
At one time long before so-called "civilization" permeated our culture, humans cultivated this pleasure to transcend into higher dimensions "beyond the material animal/genital orgasm". Thousands of years ago; people had achieved a high of awareness, and an alchemical formula for converting what we know as sexual energy (chi, vital force, soul, etc.) using it to enter into a state of divinity consciousness.
 Like the spring flower freeing itself from the frozen snow; Tantra is again budding, offering this age an alternative;
  A way to reverse the negative energy on the planet, and a way to release yourself, and reach transcendence. Simply put Tantra is the total surrender, or letting go of all mental, emotional, and cultural conditioning; so that universal life energy can again flow through us like a river without any effort. 

It is a letting go to universal love. Liquefy yourself into realms of introspection. 
Life will automatically bring us to the next stage. You don't really have to know where you're going -- It's like breathing.

Total Fitness & Personal Training 

Kundalini Yoga, Anti-Gravity Omni Gym, Polga
Suspended in silk hammocks no-gravity fitness is a revolutionary practice in relieving compressed joints, and aligning the body head to toe.Haus of Tantra offers wide-ranging slate of classes catering to everybody;connecting physical, mental, and spiritual wellness through self-awareness, and strength building in a private peaceful sanctuary. 

Polga is a fun dynamic workout that uses the pole for strengthening, stability, and alignment. With focus on fluid movement, core isolation, and sensuality the pole helps stabilize and balance for stretching, strengthening, and elevating your heart rate. The class is very fluid in nature and is a great cardiac workout. 

Sessions begin with warm-up & tune-in followed by swaying meditation

Following with  one-on-one custom  Omni Gym™ work-out training

Total Mind-Body-Soul Fitness
  Personal Training 

Non Omnis Moriar 
I shall not wholly die 

 Haus of Tantra