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Healing Love & Awakening for Women, Men & Couples

At that first long sigh, at that first thought that I can stop hanging on now, 
I’m safe – a luminosity, a glow, begins.


 Welcome to the new frontier of self mastery!

​What  Joy!  To be caressed and receive the art of touch!
This is your chance to have a new experience internally: surrendering to a sensuous, lavishing, and healing touch

 Loving of you - the you behind your mind's masks.  Nirvana- where you to truly understand what it means to relax, rejuvenate, release blockages/turbulent feeling from neural pathways,  and deeply heal & explore your desires in safety. 

 Introductory Session  $99*  

*Please start with Introduction Session if new to Tantric Body Work/FBSM*
These sessions "integrate" building blocks" to Tantric practices so you can ignite and channel your kundalini. 

Beginner               Advanced 

60min $200           60min $400
    75min  $250           75min  $500    
90min  $300          90min  $600 

*Special Discounts:*military, practitioners, birthdays,  anniversary, referrals, reviews*

*Your levels of maturity & integrity, willingness, commitment, and capacity to learn will set the pace. 
*The levels of engagement shared directly correspond with the bond built creating a safe/trusting environment.  
*Therapeutic -Low cost-sliding scale* services offered based on need. Those suffering or in pain from any type of sexual abuse or  domestic violence  please express yourself; together we can create a holistic healing plan. 


​These are sacred sessions; more than just physical. 

*Introduction Session*
*50min hands on full body sacred massage ritual 5min before/after for changing.

This is a basic tantric FBSM.*

 Please do not book an introduction session if you feel experienced/advanced:

if you want an advanced session book accordingly.

*Alliance*2-4 sessions

*Balance*5-9 sessions

*Unity* 10+sessions

Every sessions turns up the volume on your sexual energy; uncovering places needing love.

Discover how much more SENSATION you can FEEL when you simply Receive Without Giving.

Attune to the language of your body, self-master, and gain inner power. 

The more you surrender the more you will benefit. It's time for us to realize intimacy should not be based around having an orgasm. When we focus solely on the orgasm , we create an “orgasmic entity” that we have to feed by bringing it to life. When we enter a sacred space of intimacy  giving/receiving unconditionally without expectations, we learn to enjoy sharing our essence within that moment​. 

Building Blocks to releasing Tantric Kundalini
These sessions are based on a few sacred premises:
 1) We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
2) Our spirit is divine & pure and deserves an optimal vessel. 
       3)With our divinity & intention we can optimize the purity of our gifted vessel.


  •  Establish understanding of trust and relaxation into body moving out of the mind into the breath. Receive without giving-attune to language of your body, learn breath concept, recognition & acceptance- parts of self that must be integrated so healing can begin

  • The body ALWAYS addresses pain before pleasure so in order to reach ECSTASY or your POTENTIAL, we must spend a certain amount of time just "cleaning you up" and "re-balancing. As we work through each energy field you will experience of plethora of emotions and memories.

  • Balancing the body; anatomically correcting postural deviations, clearing neural pathways, balancing body fluids, and soothing immune system. ​ Recognition & acceptance- parts of self that must be integrated so healing can begin
  • With these experiences you will be silently guided to set personal intentions, and goals to create more love in your life, and a plan to execute your deepest desires. Receive diving downloads, embodied wisdom, insight, healing, and the clarity to create who you really are. 
  • Learning will be endless with topics such as full body orgasms, ejaculation and injaculation choice, sexual health, m/f sacred spot, expanding pleasure thresholds, confidence and consciousness in bed, breath work, and communication skills.   
  • Discover keys to open up neural pathways from the genitals to the brain! 
  • You will learn about the psychology of  7 different energy centers known as Chakras.
  • You will gain an understanding of both male & female sexual energy.  Find out what’s required to sexually wake up profound pleasure in both sexes & what each one needs to deeply emotionally heal the all chakras including the sexual center & root survival. 
  • Energy transmission & the concept of energy as a whole will finally make sense & you will gain skills with how to positively effect your own self healing practice & that of a partner.  This is one of the most powerful tools to access more pleasure than you can imagine. 
  •  Let us harness the power of love! Inhale...Exhale...let your breath be effortless.

All sessions are undertaken with a silent attitude of harmony & gentleness for the benefit of you as a whole. 

All I ask is that you make a concerted effort to FEEL, and sense the actuality of the energy & sensation.  

All is approached slowly with awareness of what is taking place.  

Be in the moment. Be fully present; Be fully aware. 


Twin Flame & Soul Mate Sessions 
It would be an honor to serve in your relationship building.  

My goal is to create a trusting and comfortable relationship between us 
 Supporting you two as individuals, and empowering you as a couple to discover your orgasmic and ecstatic potential, 
Thrive in love, deepen intimacy, expand sexual union , and prosper your relationship. 

The body, mind, and spirit is a trinity which cannot be separated in a person. 
When one aspect is out of alignment, the entire self is out of balance.

Couples Tandem Ceremony

In a rotating manner one partner will learn & demonstrate various techniques in tandem with tantrika alternating attention so the other partner can explore. Practical time considerations may limit the ceremony to one. . 
90min $800/*-if one partner is established otherwise $700

Couples side by side-

Includes both partners simultaneously receiving (myself/M or F practitioner) then allowing time in the end for couple embrace.
 90min $1000/*-if one partner is established otherwise $800

Customized Couples Rituals

This option if for those couples whom are established and/or have verifiable tantric couple retreat/workshop references. 
 It would be an honor to collaborate on creating a sacred ritual for your beloved and/or a renew ceremony for the two of you. 

Starts at $1999*(please e-mail all inquiries/proposals)

So they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore, what God (Grand Ordered Design) has joined together no human being must separate. Tantra transports you to a fresh, new place of sharing intimacy. Your hearts become one and you enter into a timeless experience of ecstasy. Feel the vibrant pleasures of being with your beloved as the boundaries between your bodies dissolve

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plaster paradise sessions for unique  gifts of love for birthdays and anniversaries

 A doorway to self discovery

massage, body work, meditation, yoga, and essential relaxation breathing techniques

take place to infuse the delights of receiving a tantric realisation: 

an awakening that is waiting to be ignited by exotic touch.  ​​


​I offer discounted rates for all sister Goddesses and brother God as my way of opening up the doorway for anyone who wishes to receive a true healing in a setting of pure Light,  unconditional love without judgment and a means of complete empowerment.  I can teach you how to honor your sacred temple and how to teach your desired partner,  your Beloved to heal and honor you during our Goddess ceremony together.  Let me teach you the treasured gifts of your yoni and how to heal yourself of any   unwanted memories from your past.  If you are a Goddess in need of healing let me teach you how to feel alive and vital again and remind you of how sacred you truly are!  We are strong Goddesses both strong in spirit and in our sexuality and we are the care-takers and peace makers of this society.  Take time to honor and discover your Goddess Nature as we breathe together hand to heart in Namaste.

Benefits Of Tantric Body Work 

Stress Release

The action of a full body massage, helps to release physically tight muscles, improve circulation, the mind is at the same liberated, and often experiences dream like feelings of relaxation, Endorphins are released, these are natural chemicals which help to dissipate adrenalin and cortisol helping to remove stress hormones, your body will create more harmony and balance within, and beautiful feelings of  pleasure and peace, arise. 

Sensual & Erotic Arousal
It increases sensual sensitivity, awareness, & sexual creativity showing  us how to share a more meaningful intimate relationship. Haus of Tantra teaches sensual and erotic massages, for men and women, – how to arouse your lovers kundalini tantrically through touch and intention. 

Ejaculatory Control (wo/man)
Learn to ride the waves of orgasmic pleasure helping you develop your own sexuality, how to enjoy longer foreplay, how to master your own orgasms, and how to have multiple orgasmic experiences without losing amrita,  how your mind and body are connected to develop your  power within through tantric breathing, and other techniques we will show you when you book a session.  Please only use skilled qualified tantra practitioners, who know how these energies work, so you don’t get disappointed.

Reduction of blood pressure
The action of massage in itself is a very healing process: as it helps to bring a reduction of blood pressure, and alleviate this life threatening condition.

Increase of  Passion and Sex Drive
Increases your sexual drive and hormones; stimulating your full body sensory center. A natural health drive also helps to dissolve anger and frustration. Helps wo/man to become a better and more sensitive, considerate lover, as we learn & expand orgasmic potency, to prolong sexual drive, and ability to delay and draw up orgasm/kundalini energy means we can share this beautiful intimacy/energy with lover/partner..​

Decreases Depression and Improve Self Esteem
The intentional healing sensual touch enhances not only sexual drive and libido, but helps to remove depression, stagnation, helps to improve self esteem.

Improves Sleep
Touch therapy, has been increased especially in the 20th century-helping to alleviate stressful busy lives we lead especially in the big cities, where nothing sleeps, and many don’t make time for the important parts of their lives. Before you realise, you're not sleeping well, you feel tired, unable to get up in time for work etc. Regular sessions address such issues, and are always beneficial- as it delivers doses of  pure relaxation.