A Haus where your vitality will  be encouraged to flow into new realms of expression & personal power;

to rise towards your desires, knowing that soon enough you will land on a solid ground where

you will feel the sweetest pleasure in life is to desire nothing at all..

~Then you will become free~

Shoveling Water
Exhausting and Ineffective

Imagine yourself stepping out of an icy body of water into complete darkness...........

If you attempt to warm up and dry yourself by candlelight only small bits of you will feel the heat,

and only tiny fragments of your surroundings will be illuminated.

The shadows around you might even look dark and ominous as you stand shivering wet in the darkness.

   Now, imagine yourself stepping into the middle of a Tantric fire.

 Radiating warmth approaches you from all directions.

Steam rises around you; bathing you in a warm glow, and you notice your flesh glistening with salty beads of perspiration.

Flickering tongues of light dance through the surface of your skin.

Pulsating rivers of energy course through your veins.

They seem to flow in all directions, until at last they culminate in one long shudder of heated relaxation.

Moral of the Story:
A candle can only do so much to light up the darkness, and warm your body.
 A Tantric fire burns brightly within and offers magic, connection, fuel, and illumination beyond the reaches of our imagination.
Head out eagerly into the world with embers of this Tantric fire still glowing.

Share the warmth in your heart with all that surrounds you. 
Then; come to me again, and surrender. 

I will fuel/re-ignite your Tantric fire, and clear the way to your heart's desire.
My door will always be open. In fact there is no door it was all an illusion. 

You forget your feet when the shoes are comfortable.

You forget your waist when the belt is comfortable.

Understanding forgets right and wrong when the mind is comfortable.

There is no change in what is inside, no following what is outside, when the adjustment to events is comfortable.

You begin with what is comfortable and never experience what is uncomfortable

when you know the comfort of forgetting what is comfortable

 Haus of Tantra