Haus of Tantra

I am here to Love:---

I am here to offer, which Grand Ordered Design has gifted to me.
I am here to inspire, which wisdoms' have been gifted to me.
I am here to Live...That is Love only. Infinite Truth.
I am here to Love...who Love me or not!

You will know the tree by the fruit that it bears
Therefore, you will know who I am and what I'm about by my practice

It's not my place to describe myself because that is what my gifts will do


I have been gifted a healer & energy intuitive with courage enough to navigate dark, and strength in paving roads leading a path to light.  Allow me to create and hold a safe space for you; fill your well,  feel a deeper level of profound comfort with your sensual energy, and your body. This energy when understood is a warm blanket of LOVE honoring you, and others in one's highest interests. Everything I vibrate roots in unconditional LOVE; love yourself, then love others.  

I am passionate about sharing knowledge; my goal is to serve you in sensual awakening, spiritual advancement, and empowering you to thrive in
Love, intimacy, sexuality, and relationships. I am operating consciously with Love, and all the leverage that affords to put truth as close in front of you as possible.  That you might wake up to your purpose; your flowering.

Compassionate, sincere, and always conscious; I am continually evolving exponentially;
learning how to navigate, heal, and ignite your deepest self. My professional training and education cover Human Services. Health Sciences. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Tui-na, Massage/body-therapy, Reiki, Tai-chi, Qigong, Yoga, vibrational healing, hydrotherapy aromatherapy, herbalism, hypnotherapy, and more. Traveled sacred India Temples, Mexico's sacred Mayan ruins, vortexes of Americas, and connected abroad in South Africa;  a meeting point of all things Oriental and Occidental. 


Together we will rattle the gates of desire, and explore the magic within.
I am worthy of your TRUST, but you can FEEL for yourself when we meet. 
Allow me to guide your surrender lovingly; providing relaxation, sensation, and choice. 
Your vitality will be escorted & encouraged to flow  into new realms of expression, and personal power. TANTRIC ARTS are extremely valuable, valid, and necessary.
 The lack of humanity, compassion, touch, and Respect for sensuality is abundant...

which is why it is imperative you pay me a visit!  

Email me with specific questions you may hold

Call me now if you're feeling lucky to reach me 

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With me you're in good hands. 

Love Misty